Why do I need a Will ?

Let start with the simple most asked question.

Why do I need a Will ?

Having a Will in place can solve so many issues later on.  The unexpected can happen and if you don’t have a Will prepared this can lead to many complications and family feuds in the future.

With a Will in place you can choose who will benefit from your estate.  This avoids other people making the decision for you and maybe people getting what you leave who you didn’t want !

There are a wide range of reasons why you need to prepare a Will.

If you have young children and want to ensure they benefit should you die. Some people think their estate isn’t worth anything thus don’t draw up a Will. In the UK, many people have equity in a property as a minimum – what would happen to this ? Savings, bank accounts.

The beneficiaries of your Will will receive whats been left to them sooner if you have a Will in place then there are no complications or surprises.

There are so many reasons and if you can control this by creating a Will then there is much peace of mind.

To prepare a simple Will isn’t expensive. Single Wills can be written for around £100.